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Cup Rice Noodle (Beef Flavor)

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  • Weight93 g


  • South Korea South Korea
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Cup Rice Noodle (Beef Flavor)


  • Produced only with 100% rice harvested in Korea
  • Non-greasy because not fried in oil
  • With rice and five grains as the main raw ingredients.
  • The taste is chewy and soft
  • Effective for women's diet, containing only 50% of the calories compared with general ramen noodles
  • Cholesterol-free wellbeing products using eco-friendly paper cups and no preservatives at all
  • Storable for 18 months at room temperature

Delicious! Nutritious! Reliable! Low calorie well-being food!!
Rice noodle of Myunnara is low fat and low calorie product having the nutrition of rice. It is an instant food that you can take in 3 minutes after pouring boiling water.

- All products of rice noodles of Myunnara use 100% Korean rice and organic ingredients so that they are reliable.
- Not greasy since it is not fried in oil and has only 50% of calories of ordinary noodle, good for diet.
- Environment-friendly paper cup is used, and no coloring or preservative are used. This wellbeing product can be stored for 18 months at room temperature.
- Export to overseas countries continues to increase due to clean and simple tastes of soup and Korean style spicy tastes and is popular as the alternative of Ramen